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8 Secondz has LAUNCHED
December 1, 2017

FINALLY!! So excited to have teamed up with this awesome new APP "8 Seconds" which is available on Itunes right NOW!!! 

Go check it out and no matter what your talent, see if you can Beat the Internet and get to work with some amazing Mentors and show the world what it takes.

Enter as many times as you like, in all the categories.  

Cant wait to see what everyone is creating.

Returned to Australia ~why am i so unwell atm. 
May, 2017

As some of you may or may not know, I was feeling a little off whilst in the USA and upon returning home to Australia, I got consideribly worse.  I went to our local Doctor who referred me to my Sister Dani's Specialist, as I was experiencing many of the symtoms she has for Crohns Disease.  Please watch our explaination video and thank you all so much to the many who have seen this already on my YouTube channel and for your amazing messages of support and well wishes xoxo  I am totally on the mend and although it is curently an incurable condition we have it well under control and I am back working and loving life.

Weekend at Coachella Music and Arts Festival. 
April 14 & 15, 2017

"Best weekend ever! so many amazing parties"

Heading to Redondo Beach to shoot with a bunch of talented guys and girls for SHOWSTOPPER MAGAZINE.
April 10 & 11, 2017

PRUNE Magazine LAUNCH!!!
April 9, 2017

Off to shoot a small promotional video for PRUNE Magazine.
April 7, 2017

SMURF MOVIE PREMIER ~ The Lost Village!!! Los Angeles.
April 4, 2017

Today I am shooting at ALDCLA Studios for Abby Lee Apparel.
March 25, 2017

Abby always spells my name wrong!  hehehe

Guess 1981 Perfume launch
Chateau Marmont
March 21, 2017

Thank you to Guess for the invite! Fun times hanging out with my sister Dani at the Guess 1981 Perfume Launch.

Pulse Spike Shoot
Venice Beach
March 21, 2017

Behind the scenes. 

Great day today, although it was a little cold and rainy, working on a cute shoot for Pulse Spike.

Palm Springs Visit
March 17, 2017

Headed out to Palm Springs with the family to check out the shopping and Coachella!

Prune Magazne
Photoshoot time!
March 14, 2017

Sneak Peek!! Fashion Shoot!!

Prune Magazine will launch in April.  Cant wait for you to see this amazing new Magazine.

Celeb Secrets Interview
YouTube Space
March 13, 2017

March 11, 2017

Australia and New Zealand Tune in MONDAY at 5pm to watch all the fun and to see me take home a 2017 Kids Choice Award!! Loved being part of Nickelodeons Award Ceremony. With thanks to Australian designer Zimmerman who dressed me so beautifully. 

March 10, 2017

March 10, 2017

Hey guys!!

Im taking over the Nickelodeon Australia snapchat tomorrow for the 2017 Kids Choice Awards.  Add us at nickelodeon_au and ashi.ross to see all the fun.

Sweety High
March 10, 2017

March 8,, 2017

It was so nice to get to sit and chat with Micheal of onFiction. Thank you Michael for being so nice to work with! 

Cherry Soda Studios - Ky Baldwin
March 6,, 2017

Well this day turned out a little different to what I expected!! Choreographing for friend and talent Ky Baldwin for his new DreamworksTV cover, was a day of not only hard work, but good times with friends. After filming was delayed due to an unfortunate glitch, I then had to step in and replace one of the dancers, who was called away unexpectedly. Cant wait to share with you all, Ky's finished product!!! Proud to have been able to work behind the scenes for once, but also glad I was able to step in and help in front of the camera when needed. 

Just Jared Jr 
February 28,, 2017

Check out this cute article from JJJ. Scroll down to see the full story xx

Going with "After the Bell" and Sweety High 
February 28, 2017

This afternoon I was invited to the set of "After the Bell" to hang with Sweety High's h​​osts Cassie DiLaura and Taylor Audette.  This new show is all about the latest in lifestyle, fashion and music and boasts to regularly feature awesome celebrity guests.

It airs from 3 to 3:45 p.m. weekdays, Monday through Friday.  Go  follow @sweetyhigh on or catch the show on TV.

We had so much fun, chatting, laughing and even dancing.  

Thanks guys!! cant wait to catch up with you on at the KCA March 11 xx

February 28, 2017


Great day today getting to hang out with the Popmania crew at their head office.  

Taking  over their Instagram story for our interview was such a laugh and we enjoyed exchanging Australian and American slang, cant wait for you all to see it.

Thanks so much Popmania.

Galore Young Hollywood Party 
February 24, 2017

February 14, 2017

Australians In Film 
February 8, 2017

​​Had such a great night at the AIF #BigLittleLies screening and Q & A on Wednesday night.

Listening to these amazing people, Nichole Kidman, Bruna Papandrea and Per Saari talk about their experiences and this amazing series was incredible and you all must watch this show when it hits Australia, its so good.

Also a great night to meet Australians living and working here and it felt so good being in the room with so many talented people.  Meet up with some old friends and made some new ones.

Australians In Film  is an amazing organisation and they offer so much to Australians living and working in Los Angeles and offer so many opportunites to meet and see first hand the work thats being done here.  

I cant wait for the next event. 

February 2, 2017

​​​Ummm so this is a thing?!
I am honestly lost for words! Thank you guys so much getting me nominated, this wouldn't have been possible without you guys!!! 

✨ 💜 
Would love your VOTES!!! you can help me by voting as many times as you like, head over to and go to the category #famous!!! OR to twitter ashleighmross and post a tweet voting for me with the hashtags #AshleighRoss #KCAAussieKiwiFamous  💕 😍


February 3, 2017

I first shot with David Hofmann over 4 years ago, what an amazing day we had, I remember it was one of the hottest days in Sydney.

We have shot a few times in between, but today we shoot in LA and its cold and raining.  Loved catching up with these guys, they are always so nice to hang out with and the photos are always amazing.

They are such a nice family and I thank them so much for always supporting me and catching up whenever Im in town.

Photo shoot day.
February 1, 2017

Another day another shoot!!

More photos required, many new shots for many new projects, plus need more great photos for all my amazing Agents working around the clock to help me achieve my dreams here in Los Angeles.

Back to dance at ALDCLA.
January 31, 2017

So good to be back training at the Abby Lee Dance Studio in Los Angeles. 

Abby is always so welcoming and always opens her doors to me.

The teachers there are insane and they worked me so hard I can hardly walk.  Cant wait to head back into the studo next week for more amazing classes.

So many meetings...oh and a bit of shopping.
January 24, 2017

Great day today, catching up with all the Agents.

Then off to do a little shopping before I head to my next audition.

Finally the weather is improving and we can get out and about.

Photo shoot.
January 17, 2017

Alex Kruk Photographer.

What a lovely place to spend the day, the sky was as blue as

Loved working with Alex Kruk photographer and Aga Jakubowski
MUA out at Paramount Ranch today.

Cant wait to see the results.

Class time.
January 14, 2017

First class then audition.

Today is acting class week one, with a team of amazing and dedicated people, who all have their own paths and dreams.  

Looking foward to enhancing my skills, then off to my first audition, cant believe I am so sick, hope I make it through today, wish me luck.

Arrived back in Los Angeles USA!
January 12, 2017


Finally back in the ever amazing Los Angeles. 

Loving being back in the USA and I just cant wait to see what the future brings and already loving all the amazing opportunites that are coming my way.  

I am so very lucky to have so much support and love from so many and Im looking forward to sharing it and hopefully helping and guiding others to follow their dreams as I am.

First stop... In and Out, for an amazing burger. 

January 6, 2017


This photo is a throwback to when I was assisting at ALDCLA with my coach Miss Rebecca.

Special thanks as always, to Miss Abby Lee, for always welcoming us to her studio and letting us have so much fun.

If you are in LA, dont forget to pop by and check it out, she has a great Dancewear shop there also to visit. 

Best News today! cant wait to share...

December 20, 2016

Photo Shoot - Sarah Marzukie Photography

December 15, 2016

  1. Play Ball
    Play Ball
  2. Trolly
  3. Street Walk
    Street Walk

Shawn Mendes
October 30,2016

Moore Park, Sydney Australia

Shawn was just incredible last night!

Special thank you to iheart radio and Optus for inviting me along to watch his first Australian performance.


August, 2016

  1. Studio Luminance
    Studio Luminance
  2. Lexington Dance Factory
    Lexington Dance Factory
  3. Performers Edge and Danceworks
    Performers Edge and Danceworks
  4. The Dance Zone
    The Dance Zone
  5. Abby Lee Dance Company LA
    Abby Lee Dance Company LA
  6. DANCEOLOGY Studio
  7. Dance Project
    Dance Project
  8. 405 Dance
    405 Dance
  9. Holly's Dance Performing Arts School
    Holly's Dance Performing Arts School
  10. Make Your Move Performing Arts Studio
    Make Your Move Performing Arts Studio
  11. Tampa Bay Dance Academy
    Tampa Bay Dance Academy
  12. Shooting Stars School of Performing Arts
    Shooting Stars School of Performing Arts
  13. Upstate Carolina Dance Centre
    Upstate Carolina Dance Centre
  14. Lillian Dean Studio
    Lillian Dean Studio

RADAR Tour of United Kingdom

May 2016

  1. Edinburgh Dance Academy
    Edinburgh Dance Academy
  2. Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts
    Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts
  3. Dance Connection
    Dance Connection
  4. Bella Danza Studios
    Bella Danza Studios
  5. Hanna Alexandra Dance
    Hanna Alexandra Dance
  6. Spotlight Stage School
    Spotlight Stage School
  7. Jelli Studios
    Jelli Studios
  8. Nadine's Academy of Dance and Performing Arts
    Nadine's Academy of Dance and Performing Arts
  9. NRG Performers
    NRG Performers
  10. Broadway School of Performing Arts
    Broadway School of Performing Arts
  11. Samantha Brisbane School of Dance
    Samantha Brisbane School of Dance

The Photo Studio

April 25, 2016

Had the best day at The Photo Studio -Glebe this weekend.

I was invited to work with some great people in making a short marketing video.

Producer/Director Drew Sullivan, got together an amazing team even on a Public Holiday in Sydney, to make this work.  Photographer Tash, Hair and Makup Kaori, Videographer Adric and Behind the Scenes Photographer Liam all came together and what an amazing outcome.

The stills were amazing and I loved the work Tash with with Styling the shoot and getting together some beautiful clothes and accessories to work with.

Check out more of the stills from this shoot in the Portfolio section. 

Meet and Greet~ Dance Desire, Queensland

January 25, 2016

DANCE DESIRE 4/24 Central Park Avenue, Ashmore.


                           FOR THE RELEASE OF "ASHI BY ENERGETIKS"

Exited to be flying off to Queensland today, to visit the awesome team at the Dance Desire store. 

I am so looking forward to catching up with them again, t
hey have always been so supportive and I cant wait to spend a fun day in store with them.


Dance Collection Launch - Day 3

January 24, 2016 

Melbourne Fountaingate Energetiks Store. 

Last day in Melbourne today and WOW!!! I couldn't have imagined in a million years the amount of people that would have come out to visit and grab some of the new "Ashi by Energetiks" range.  After two days of meeting over 300 people who braved the wind and rain, I could not believe the response on my last day in Melbourne at the Energetiks Store in Fountaingate Westfield.

There were over 400 people over the two sessions today, some who waited in line for over an hour to say hi.  I am so honored to have met you all and I cant thank you all enough for your amazing outpouring of love and support xx

Dance Collection Launch - Day 2

January 23, 2016 

Melbourne Ivanhoe, Energetiks Store. 

I am so very proud of how the second "Ashi By Energetiks" collection all turned out and I was equally overwhelmed with so many people who came out to celebrate the launch with us. 

The hundreds letters, flowers and gifts that people brought in for me was just beautiful.  I cant thank you all enough for your continued love and support and especially the continued support from the amazing staff at ENERGETIKS. I cannot thank them all enough for everything they do for me and I am beyound proud of  how awesome my second collection looks.

The Energetiks team amaze me, how they take my crazy bad sketches and thoughts that I present on all sorts of scrap paper and turn them into beautiful pieces of dancewear xx

Dance Collection Launch - Day 1

January 22, 2016

Melbourne Essendon Energetiks Store.

What and amazing start to the weekend. 

Even though it was pouring with rain in Melbourne, over 130 people still manages to brave the weather and came along to the Energetiks Essendon store, to help us celebrate the release of my second collection of "Ashi by Energetiks"

I am humbled by the beautiful comments, gifts and letters that I have recieved today xx

Sneak Peek!! 

January, 2016 


Down in Melbourne once more on what seems to be the hottest day of January yet.

Shooting for the release of my second range of dancewear "Ashi by Energetiks" in this cool old warehouse and its crazy warm in here, but also
​very nice...

My Dance Wear Collection Launch Party

January 21, 2016,


The wait is over, finally that day is here.

I am so very excited to be traveling down to Melbourne tomorrow, for the launch of the new "Ashi by Energetiks" Collection. 

Don't forget! I will be in Energetiks stores across Melbourne on Friday and over the weekend, times and dates in "Events with Ashi" on the Energetiks website or any of their social media pages.

Come in and snap chat with me or maybe we can grab a photo together or just come and say hi. 

Cant wait for you all to see it xx

As a special introductory offer My "Ashi By Energetiks" collection will be available ONLINE from tomorrow moringing at 9.30am.  Visit to get yours first before they are available in Stores across Australia.


December 4, 2015


They are finally HERE in Australia, available to purchase now!  You can order yours today, through ENERGETIKS ONLINE STORES. or go online at to order yours, if you live outside of Australia.

The Ashi Ross Gold TurnBoard® key enhancements include an engraved Ashi Ross signature on the board, a customized foot pad with Ashi's unique logo, and a beautiful gold and glitter finish.  

The Ashi Ross Gold TurnBoard® helps dancers turn better by minimizing floor friction and allowing dancers to truly focus on the sensation of turning.

Get on board, get your Ashi Ross Gold Turnboard xx


November 11, 2015


So blessed to be associated with the Ballet is Fun team from Texas USA. 

Loved working with the amazing family business that is Turnboard.

They have all been so welcoming and wonderful to me and to my family and I am forever grateful to be working with their amazing team.

Together we are looking forward to showing the world what amazing things the TurnBoard can do to help enhance your training.

​Hope you like it!!

"The Talk" CBS Los Angeles

October 22, 2015


What an amazing experience this was, to dance for the kind and beautiful Sharon Osborne, on the hit USA and International Show, The Talk.

I will never forget this experience, or the amazing people who made it happen for me.  I will be forever grateful to Chloe Arnold and Maud Arnold for guiding me through and my Dance Agent MSA Chelsea Blake for putting up with a few paperwork hiccups along the way.

Mrs O was the sweetest person and treated us with love and kindness during the whole experience, it was just totally amazing and to work on the recreation of this piece of Sia's and Maddies was such an incredible honor.

View the full video of our DANCE in Videos section.


So blessed to have met these lovely and talented ladies, they helped me overcome some crazy feelings in such a short time and the choreography and guidance I was given over a the two day period of rehearsals and filming was phenomenal, I cannot thank them enough and cannot wait to get back to the States to see them and hopefully work with them again.

Charity Dance-A-Thon 

October 24, 2015


Had the best time catching up with one of my amazing Managers Michelle Zeitlin at her Dance Event in the Simi Valley, California. 

Michelle was teaching a Contemporary Master class and kindly invited me to attend and we had the best time, although it was very hot!.

Whilst at this event I was lucky enough to be introduced to Michelle's long time friend Danial Jerod Brown, who was providing the Musical Theatre class for this Event. 

Thank you both so much for this opportunity and a very special thanks to Miss Karen, the Head of Dance at Santa Susana High School for inviting me to join in.

Dont forget to Purchase Octobers copy of GIRLFRIEND MAGAZINE
to read my Exclusive Interview. 

October 14, 2015

OUT NOW!!  Octobers Girlfriend Magazine.

Get your copy now, to see exclusive photos and read about what Im doing now and what I am working on. . 

Photo shoot. "Dancing Queen" 

It was so lovely to work with the team at Girlfriend, Melissa Mason and all the team were all so nice, encouraging and supportive and I cant thank them enough for inviting me to hang out.

Sweet 16! 

October 7, 2015

ALDCLA with Miss Abby and her team.

When a very special lady surprises you with cupcakes while in dance class for your 16th Birthday. Then she graciously, invites me to take class at her studio for the whole time you are staying in the USA. 

The new ALDCLA has amazing studios and the teachers and the weekly classes were so good.  I cant thank Miss Abby enough for the hospitality she extends to myself and my family every time we are in town.

Hanging out and getting advice from AWESOMENESS TV! 

September 26, 2015


Had an awesome time meeting with Damian and Dani from Awesomeness TV. 

The advice they provided was amazing and I cannot wait to get started
and make things happen. 

You wouldn't believe how cool their offices are and all the things that were
going on around me were, well, awesome...... definitely a place anyone would
love to work or just hang out at.

​Hope to catch up again soon xx.

United Kingdom we got an Exclusive Invitation to train Insane. 

August 26-31, 2015

Nadines Academy of Dance and Performing Arts ~ HARTLEPOOL

Had the most amazing opportunity to travel to the UK to meet and dance with Nadines School of Dance and Performing Arts. 

Miss Nadine had noticed RADAR Technique online and invited my self and my coach Miss Rebecca over to train with her team.

Once again, Miss Rebecca and I worked with, met and had the most incredible time, with the most beautiful and talented group of people. 

Miss Nadine and her family welcomed us into her home and introduced us to many dancers and teachers from around the UK area. 

We are looking forward to a catch up with them again soon in the future.​

Secret Business.... quick trip to USA 

August 10-14, 2015

Detroit, Michigan

I got to fly to the USA with my coach Miss Rebecca on a secret mission, to work with 3 amazing little dancers.  These little dancers where auditioning for a major TV show and wanted some elite training to possibly help them prepare for their special audition. 

We had the best time and they treated us like royalty.  I have made lifelong friends with this beautiful family and I cant wait to see what the future holds for these talented little girls.

Hanging out on set at GIRLFRIEND MAGAZINE Shoot!

July 21, 2015

What a great experience I had yesterday.  I feel very fortunate to have got
to hang out and be working with the amazing and super fun Melissa Mason and her team from Girlfriend Magazine. 

The day started off in a very cold studio in the middle of Winter in Sydney, Australia, but quickly heated, up as we got the music pumping and all started dancing.  Melissa had the vision of creating a cute little YouTube Video for their younger viewers. 

After an hour or so we got into model mode and shot some great dance poses for the Magazine.

With special thanks to Sarah Tarca, Editor and Melissa Mason, Features and Beauty writer, for making this a fun and amazing experience.

Guest announcer - Charity event.

March 22, 2015

Boys and Girls Clubs of America - THOUSAND OAKS

Another life changing experience for me, when I was asked to be an announcer for the Boy and Girls Clubs of Americas annual charity event.

The  group of beautiful and talented people who came together in support of this amazing cause was unbelievable and the room was not only filled with talent, but with so much love and support. 

The young club members who took to the stage to dance and sing, were a credit to this cause and I would like to thank the awesome Michelle Zeitlin CEO of More Zap Productions, for inviting me to attend.

Yo Bailo Charily Event ~ Mexico

March 5-9, 2015

I was blessed to be invited, by my amazing friend Tokyo the Choreographer to Mexico,

for an amazing charity event.

On this journey, I was lucky enough to get to meet life long friends and to work with this amazing team of inspiring people, with mixed talents, who all came together to support an amazing cause. 

We all got to visit the shelters that this awesome cause is helping and learn first hand
what the local children and community were going through in hard times.

The community came togther and the volunteers were everywhere, all wanting to lend
a hand and to hopefully help to make a difference to the many families in need across

 I can only pray, that I get to continue to help them on their journey.

Photo shoot- Los Angeles, Jordan Matter

February 11, 2015

Dancers Amoung US!!!​

Had the best time with incredible Jordan Matter. Jordan is an amazing New York based photographer who created the series of Dancers Among Us. 

He was visiting Los Angeles and was flying back to New York that evening.

We only had limited time to shoot, so it was a quick two hours, racing from place to place to create his vision and with amazing results. 

I simply cannot wait to work with him again.

Photo shoot Los Angeles SHARKCOOKIE!!!!!
February, 2015


Finally got to work with David Hofmann again.  We had a great and very long day, taking some awesome shots in the studio, on the beach and then in his backyard.

They are a lovely family who all came together and helped make my day special and I love the results.  Cant wait to show you all the amazing shots.  This is a small sample.


February, 2015

Dance Informa ~ Editorial

Hello everyone, dont forget to check out "Dance Informa" for the details of the release of my first ever dance fashion collection.

This range was isprired by the smells of summer and it even came with berry and watermellon scents within the fabric.

I had the best time working on this in conjunction with Energetiks and Im so proud of how it turned out.

Release Date..

January 28, 2015 


So very very excited to finally announce the launch date for "Ashi by Energetiks" Dance Wear Line.  JANUARY 28!!!!!!!! you will be able to purchase Online and In Store at Energetiks so please go online and
 visit or visit the many stores Australia wide who now stock the amazing Energetiks products. Love Ashi xx

Dont forget, if you can, go in store and you can smell this amazing range of Berries and Watermelon xx

Behind the Scenes

November 6, 2014

"Ashi by Energetiks" dancewear range
available instore and online

Had the most amazing day shooting these photos for the release of my first ever Dance wear fashion collection.

We always seem to manage to pick a day to shoot that is the hottest or windiest days of the

Shooting for Prima Magazine today

August 23, 2014

Shooting for a magazine is the ultimate! I love the fuss and everything that goes with it. I had known of and viewed Gail Bowmans Photography before and when I was invited to do a shoot with Gail for Prima Dance Mag, I was beyond excited.

We started with hair and makeup, by the beautiful Meagan and then we were straight into it.

Gail made me feel so comfortable and we had so much fun on this shoot.  I loved every minute of working with Gail and cant wait to hopefully work with her again in the future.

Make sure you look out for and subscribe to

Shooting for Pearl Yukiko fashion line today

August 22, 2014

Had the best time shooting with these amazing people, what a great team they are from Pearl Yukiko.

Firstly I got to hang with Meagan who did my hair and makeup to perfection and then Gail arrived to take the most amazing studio shots. 

Chelsea and Maddie then can along with a load of clothes, accessories and shoes and we all went to the lake for more fun and awesome photos.

Cant wait to see them all again, they made me feel like family xx

Check out their range at  


August 3, 2014

After a 14 hour flight from Australia, we landed in beautiful Los Angeles, USA.  We then quickly grabs our rental car, took a  two hour drive and I was lucky enough to finally make it in time to be at the Pearl Yukiko Meet and Greet Day with the Beautiful and Amazing PY Models. 

Meeting some of these girls for the first time and working with them was amazing.

They were all so nice and friendly and we had the best day hanging out together. 

Looking forward to catching up with them again in the future. xx


July 20, 2014


Wow!! Today I had an amazing time with Suzi and the team at Spangles, invited to join them for their 1st Birthday Celebrations at Dee Why.

There were lots of games, cake and many Energetiks giveaways.  

The Spangles team and I loved meeting and chatting with everyone who came along to celebrate with us.  Thank you again so much and especially the mums and dads who braved the cold and the wind to come and say hi.  We look forward to seeing the photos on everyone's Instagram and FaceBook walls and don't forget to tag me and Spangles.  

We hope to see you all again at Spangles Dance wear soon. xo

First PINK Turnboard and they added my signature!!

June 4, 2014


I first purchased a turn board almost 2 years ago, back in 2012 when they didn't seem very well known.

I thought I would give it a try, as I saw someone using one on social media in the USA and I thought, as my spotting wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, this may help. 

After many crazy attempts, I finally mastered the hang of it and was able to work on my spotting and core balance, without spinning out of control.

After I worked hard on being able to spot doing multiple turns, I then put it aside and worked without it turning on releve'. The turn board helped me by not having to worry about spotting anymore and I could now concentrate on the other aspects of mastering clean turns.

Charity Event -DCI Melbourne 

March 15, 2014

Dance Cancer Initiative

Proud to be a volunteer with Coach Miss Rebecca, along with RADAR Techniuqe Seminars, to be able to give up our time to this worthy cause. 

At DCI Melbourne we were happy to raise over $2500 by donating a workshop to DCI for the dancers of Melbourne. 

It was an amazing day and so inspiring to help this cause, even if its only a little bit, we all know that every little bit all adds up.

​Hope I can do more to help in the future.


October - November 2013

American Trip

October - November I was lucky enough to travel over to America for more intense Acting  and dance training! While I was visiting New York City, I was contacted and asked to do a photo shoot for Dance Spirit Magazine!

When we arrived for the shoot, I was happy to learn that Sophia Lucia would also be attending to do the shoot with me.  

It was an insanely incredible experience and after an amazing day of shooting, Alison the Editor, informed us that we would also be the Cover of their January Issue.  We were both so shocked and felt so blessed.  

 If you would like to go check out my article, "Most Likely to be Liked" visti Dance Spirit Magazine, or  better still take out a subscription, you will love this magazine!

So blessed..

September 2012 - April 2013

Musical Theatre ~

Cast again as lead child role of Jemima Potts, by the incredible Tim Lawson for his Musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Playing this role, for up to four times a week in Sydney, again at the amazing Capitol Theatre.  I also got to make another appearance on the Disney Channel, interviewed about my role and how I managed my schooling and working full time.

Working with the most amazing talented people, in this show, changed my life. Especially being guided by Director Roger Hodgman, literally helped me make up my mind that I wanted to work as an actor for the rest of my life, I owe him and so many other cast and crew so much for helping me make my career choice.

One of the best years of my life

December 2011 - December 2012

Musical Theatre ~
Cameron Macintosh and DISNEYS - MARY POPPINS 2011-2012

Her Majestys Theatre Melbourne & Capital Theatre Sydney.

I was so fortunate to be cast as the lead child role of Jane Banks. What an amazing

journey this was for me, I met so many inspirational people including Sir Cameron Machintosh who choose me to perform Opening night along with performing for
the beautiful Katy Perry, and Mel B. and a special performance at the Helpmann Awards.

I also go to appear on the Disney Channel and attend many great Disney events.

SPIRITED~Guest Part in Television Series

March 15, 2009

In mid 2010,  I was cast as Okinowa, in a new Television series called

Spirited is an Australian television supernatural comedy drama series made for cable television channel W, that aired for two season..

Working with so many amazing actors was valuable to me. I got to watch and learnt from the likes of the amazing Claudia Karvan, Matt King, Rodger Corser and Belinda Bromilow just to name a few.

The series is about a dentist Suzy Darling, (Claudia Karvan) who walks away from a loveless marriage (Roger Corser) and into an old apartment block that is inhabited by the ghost of a 1980s English rock star, Henry Mallet (Matt King).  

DANCE ACADEMY ~Special Guest Role

MAY 9, 2009

Absolutely loved working with Alicia Banit and Jordan Rodrigues and all the
other amazing cast and crew of this Netflix and Australian ABC Television mini Series.

Everyone helped me settle in and I learn't so much in a short time.  I  was always
looked out for and guided on set and even though the cast were much older
than me, they included me and even spent their downtime hanging out with me and
just having fun.

I was in Los Angeles on a Dance Tour when I found out I had been cast in
"Dance Academy" and then I learn't that I was portraying a young dancer named
"Scout" who was semi homeless but who desperately wanted to be a ballerina.  
I remember thinking what a great challenge and opportunity this would be and I couldnt wait to get back home to Australia and start.

My Place ~ My first Television Show Casting

February 7, 2009

  1. Managing Director
    In 2009, at 9 years old, I was cast in my first ever Television Show! This mini series was a project based on the children's books titled "My Place" written by Author - Nadia Wheatley. I was cast as May, the younger sister of Victoria and set in an old house back in 1888s. This was truley an amazing experience for me, as it was my very first time on a Televison set. It was an excellent learning experience for me and it cememted the fact that I really wanted to continue acting and absorb as much as I could, so I would be able to continue working and growing in this Industry.
  2. Managing Director
    Loved the olden day sets. The furniture and all the different gadgets and clothes were so much fun to explore and play with.
  3. Managing Director
    The house that we worked out of was set up beautifully and I remember that they had to poor tonnes of sand on the streets to make it seem like it was 1888 not 2009.
  4. Managing Director
    On location at Rouse Hill.